Heather Benning

Heather Benning is a practicing farmer with a serious sculpting habit. Educated in Saskatchewan and Scotland, Heather is comfortable with traditional and novel artistic techniques. Heather toys with the ideas of permanence, reuse, size and documentation.

In the background is a picture of Kiln Hand, an abandoned tobacco kiln that Heather hung hundreds of sculptures of hands in, in the place of sticks of tobacco.

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About Heather Benning

Heather Benning was born in Humboldt, Saskatchewan in 1980. She studied at the University of Regina but completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2004. She then travelled to Scotland uniting landscape, architecture and sculpture to earn her Master of Fine Arts from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009.

Upon completion of her MFA, she worked as a mold-maker and technician for several Scottish sculptors. Heather worked as a foundry technician at Powderhall Bronze in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Heather has returned to rural Saskatchewan where she works part-time farming with her father. Heather has completed several large-scale, site-specific installations in Saskatchewan. She is currently building a new body of work using the farm shop as her studio.